A musical and educational Series for the little ones

  • Format:
    52x6 minutes
  • Status:
    In development
  • For children:
    2-5 years old

We might be different but we will find a way to play together and be friends!


Family of Brave Bunnies decides to change their established rhythm of bunny life to explore the great big world. They are ready to do things they have never done, meet someone they have never thought existed, feel things they have never felt before.


Exploring the world is a BIG adventure for a LITTLE bunny. There is a new friend to find, a new game to play, a new song to sing in every episode!

Episode structure
Эпизод №1
Эпизод №2
Эпизод №3
Эпизод №4
Эпизод №5
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Books for little ones

Books for little ones
Books for little ones
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Brave Bunnies animated series can easily be transformed to any form of merchandise

  • Toys and table games
  • Stationary and souvenirs
  • Cardboard sets and activity books
  • Clothes and accessories for kids and so on etc.
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About us

Creative production that produces multimedia content for kids. We are part of FILM.ua, the largest media holding in Eastern Europe. Co-production partner for Brave Bunnies is Sardine Productions (Canada).

published over 20 printed books, many of them were awarded as “The Best Book of Ukraine” and successfully distributed in the CIS countries, Russia, China.

created over 15 mobile apps, Over half a million downloads worldwide and repeatedly hit the top charts of iTunes App Store and Google Play.

2 TV-series "On our way home" and "Brave Bunnies" hit the pitching short-lists of the main European and American Animation Marketplaces in 2017-2018 years.

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